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Born and raised in LA. She considers herself to be the luckiest gal alive because of the love and support she gets from her mother and brother. On her second audition she booked a 3 year gig on Unhappily Ever After (WB), since then she has done over 200 episodes of television.


Up until playing Vanessa in The 60 Yard Line, playing Heather Tupperman for 5 years on Providence (NBC) was the most fun. For as long as Dana has been a working actor, she has been coaching actors, helping them have opportunity to succeed in this business.


She is always reminding people that nothing is impossible, just the word on its own says I'M POSSIBLE.

Fun Fact:  Dana was at a coffee house when this really nice guy started talking with her, and said he really feels there is a role right for her in a movie he is doing.He gave her his card, which she immediately threw away. She just assumed he was hitting on her. Later on that day she had dinner with her mother.


MOM:  What was his name?

DANA: Brooks Albert.


DANA: You’ve heard of him?

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