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Fun Fact:  At 4 years old, Jacquelyn discovered speed and curiosity go hand and hand after pulling the fire alarm while her mom was in line at the post office.


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Jacquelyn Zook is an actress, writer/author, comedienne, lover of coffee, animals, and all things denim.  Jacquelyn is the daughter of Green Packers football coach, Ron Zook, which made working on The 60 Yard Line extra special. 


Zook has played major roles on Criminal Minds (CBS), Franklin & Bash (TNT), The Haunted Hathaways (Nickelodeon), Scandal (ABC), Teachers (TVLand), and the spoof comedies, The Real Housewives of Shakespeare as Olivia from 12th Night and Dog Moms impersonating Kira Girard. Recently, she sold her show How to Get Featured on Deadline to Cap Gun Collective.


The show (ironically featured on Deadline:Hollywood) centers on a fame-hungry actress, played by Zook. Jacquelyn currently has a children’s book series, The Adventures of Herman and is developing her first faith-based book for women, The Fight for Intimacy.

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